Resources for HBS clubs and other peer groups

Ken Tyler

(Travels from Warsaw, Poland)

Ken Tyler is an experienced YPO Forum Resource.   He has run 100’s of Forum and Moderator Training Programs and Retreats since 2000 in 66 countries across the world. By keeping it “SIMPLE” (Synchronize Interactions, Maximize Presentations, Learn Efficiency), Ken synergizes forums towards transcendent growth. He is very quick on building trust and can be quite candid. Ken inspires Forums to consider everything from relations and revelations to taboos and tolerations.  His ability to create a motivational environment for the enhancement of self and group awareness is well recognised.

Ken’s Style

You can use me as much as you want, based upon how hard you want to work on yourself, and in doing so, I encourage you to measure your own productivity. You will feel stretched and alive in such a “coaching” environment.

  • A strategic thinker. I will help you discard the paths that lead nowhere, the paths that lead straight into resistance, the paths that lead into a fog of confusion. I will guide you in making selections until you arrive at the chosen path -- your strategy.
  • A maximizer. Excellence, not average, is my measure. I excel in transforming something strong into something superb.
  • Not frightened by confrontation. Rather, I know that confrontation is the first step toward resolution.
  • Pushes yet supports you to take risks. I need things to be clear between us and I will challenge you to be clear-eyed and honest. Please do not resent this, let me know how I need to best work with you. I will, nonetheless, take a stance and challenge you to move in a certain direction.
  • Speaks plainly and directly about sensitive subjects. I have an unwillingness to hide from the truth. I am known as a very candid person.  I will ask you for your opinions. I will seek your candor. This is not meant to cause you to withdraw into silence.

Your success

The more you understand how marshaling strengths leads to success, the more likely you will be to create success in your own life as you want to define it. The more you understand the systemic nature of your social settings, the more likely you will be to create successful teams in your own life. The more you understand the power of appreciative inquiry, the more you start approaching problems from the other side. Hence, my approach is three-pronged: 1) Strengths-based, 2) Team-based and 3) Appreciative-based.

Background Summary

A former professional athlete, who has coached both Men’s and Women’s National Teams in World Ice Hockey, Ken transfers lessons from international and Olympic sport to his present endeavours. He is a key European Player in the field of Executive, Company and Top Team Coaching. Tyler started his coaching practice in June of 1998 after decades in professional sports coaching and university teaching. Twenty-five years in professional coaching, twelve years teaching social psychology and sport at universities, Ken is an absolute master in individual, team and intergroup performance coaching.  He is a performance “maximizer” of the individual within the group.


Ken did bachelors studies in Politics and Economics, masters studies in Human Kinetics, and doctoral work which dealt with the power of applying various methodologies of delivering feedback to the individual, the work unit and the organisational level and it’s effect on performance. Ken has been a leading faculty member in the Virtual Classes at Coach University and has just started on behalf of Flow Fiero, a Collaborative Leadership Operating System LMS (Learning Management System).